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Song I’m Working On

It’s kind of in its first stages but I feel accomplished for writing it. It was exactly how I wanted to spend my time in London and I’m so happy I got what I wanted.

"Walking through the city lights
Traffic stopped on either side
Nothing feels as good as sweet summer rain
Forgetting all about last night
All about our pointless fight
Pouring me another glass of champagne
You’re driving me insane
And oh how it feels to be single and real
One with world, with the music that is blasting all around
I know what we had really wasn’t that bad
But you took too long to learn our song
And all I hear is static
Tonight I’m gonna have some fun
Not attached to anyone
Gonna run down the city
Like I own the place
We’ll party till no ones in the bar
We’ll wake up in somebody’s car
We’ll all still be half drunk somehow
No nothing can stop me now
Shout out to my boys holla to my girls We’re gonna party like we own the world x2
We left the club around 4AM
And said can we do this again?
People laugh and point at us but why should we care?
We stumble to the nearest park
And swing and slide all in the dark
I start to feel like a kid again
I don’t want this night to end
And oh how it feels to be single and real… (Rest of chorus)
So raise it up for the ones you used to love
Raise it high cause you never really say goodbye”

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